Can you eat raw coffee beans?

raw coffee beans

Can you eat raw coffee beans?
I have a LOT of homework to get done tonight and I’m going to need something to get me through the night. But I dont feel like making actual coffee, so can i just bomb down some grounded Folgers coffee beans? or would that not digest the caffeine right?

It will give you a stomach ache. A few coffee beans are okay but the ground kind will end up being more than you should eat.

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3 Responses to “Can you eat raw coffee beans?”

  1. you will get more potent dose by just eating it. You will also get a a bad indigestion.. grab the pepto after that hehe i did that b4 with coffee beans gosh my stomach was hurting for a bit but i was high on caffeine!! get some rebbull or something else hehe !!

  2. get the ones with chocolate on them!!!!!! they sell them at trader joes, i would eat them for the very same reason and they workkkkk and in the chocolate they are amaxingg

  3. make the coffee,….. caffeine is more concentrated in the drink than in the beans… you would have to eat too many coffee beans to get the caffeine in one cup of strong coffee…….